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Paper Airplane

Visual Effects, Compositing

Never under estimate the power of a simple hand written message.
Paper Airplane

  • Paper Airplane

    Paper Airplane

    Visual Effects, Compositing

    Never under estimate the power of a simple hand written message.
    Paper Airplane

  • The SUMMIT Video

    The SUMMIT Video

    Text effects, Motion Graphics

    I created this motion graphics opening for all video produced by SUMMIT, Stanford University School of Medicine.



    Rotoscoping, Motion Graphics

    Everyone wishes they had a clone to help them get everything done. I made this after Multiplicity came out but before I saw it. You can imagine why I loved Being John Malkovich

  • Kingsley's Demo Reel

    Kingsley's Demo Reel

    3D Motion Graphics

    I am my own worst client and working on my demo reel graphics was very challenging. I am happy with the results, but I'll never be fully satisfied.
    2009 Show Reel

  • Futuristic Medicine

    Futuristic Medicine

    Tracking, Compositing

    I tracked and composited in laser emitters for a future of medicine short film.

  • e-PPE Logo


    Logo Design

    The electronic Pre-Participation Evaluation (e-PPE) is an on-line medical questionnaire that can identify symptoms of health problems that may pose a risk for an athlete participating in sport and exercise. This site was desiged with a custom flash banner that features a sports themed slide show as well as custom drop down menus. I created a logo for the site that is also used in the branding for the organization.

I have been working with graphics since I first picked up a Sony floppy drive camera that created images that were 640 pixels by 480 pixels. Brought the image into Photoshop and instantly fell in love with the tools for improving the image. I now pride myself on photo color correction, color grading, photo montage, compositing new elements, as well as generating high quality, optimized graphics for print, high definition television, and the web.

When I discovered Illustrator soon after, I really began to appreciate the computer's power to create limitless graphics. With vector images I could now scale my logos and graphic elements to any size: a billboard or a favicon icon. Today, I enjoy engrossing myself in the detail of creating a logo. My personal style is to create bold, and eye catching graphics.

Then came the fourth dimension and I really found a home in a digital world. For me, After Effects was the ultimate tool for a filmmaker. I taught myself to color correct, animate, rotoscope, composite, and re-time footage to tell my stories.

I forgot the third dimension, didn't I? When I first opened the three-dimensional program Maya, it was running on a Silicon graphics machine that costed $10k in 1998. The only limits I saw was that of computer power. With such a tool I could create any world I could imagine precisely how I visualized it. Today, I have found a true passion for modeling, lighting, cinematic camera layout, and animating in 3D.

My toolbox filled with tools for creating, shooting, editing, manipulating, and finishing static and motion graphics. Connect with me
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