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Born and raised in the Princeton area of New Jersey, I object to those whose refer to New Jersey as the armpit. It really was the garden state, at least while I was growing up. To this day, I have never had better corn on the cob, tomatoes, or cantaloupe, and I have traveled the world a fair bit.

Locke Manor Garden at NightI went to a Catholic school for the first through fourth grades, and didn't feel at home. I then transferred to a Waldorf School, and really came into my own creatively. Creating my own text books, paintings, drawings, as well as doing handwork and woodwork, all cultivated my creative instincts early on.

On to a prep school, I went without a hitch. Despite not receiving grades, the Waldorf experience served me well in high school. The Peddie school, it was called, and it 'prep-ed' me well for college. I especially enjoyed AP Art History, film studies, black and white photography in the lab, Latin, and English. I played varsity soccer, baseball, and track to satisfy my need for exercise, working as a team, competition, and generally having fun.

After Peddie was Taunton. I received a English Speaking Union Scholarship to spend a year in Somerset English to do my "A levels" in English and Art with Art History at the Taunton School. I rose to the challenge of completing two year's work in one, while having the time of my life abroad. I never got culture shock, but instead I enjoyed analyzing subtle differences in cultures. When I returned home, ironically, I did get culturally shocked: I could not completely shake off an English accent for several years.

Stanford Quad RainbowOff to Stanford I went next. From cloudy England to sunny California, I traveled. I fell in love with the weather and landscape. The school combined the east coast academic rigor without negative competition I learned as much from other students as I did on my own and from professors. I also learned to teach myself and others. I majored in Art and Art History because I wanted a solid theoretical background in the arts and humanities. I knew in high school I wanted to create films and tell important stories, so I left the technical side of things out of my academics.

I picked up the practical skills by becoming station manager at the campus station, SCBN. I taught myself linear tape-to-tape editing. I mastered the art of multi-camera shoots with a staff of one - me. I used the very first digital video camera, the Sony VX-1000, on my first short film called Raving Exodus. I mastered the art of creating graphics for NTSC television.

After graduating Stanford, I left well prepared for my life ahead, but I've never stopped learning or teaching myself and others.